Fender Strings too soft and floppy?

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    Mar 16, 2011
    Greetings all,

    It's been years since I've posted here. I recently bought a new Fender Player series Precision Bass. I've modded it with a vintage pickguard, some new Hipshot tuners and Gotoh bridge. All in all I'm quite happy. So far the pickups sound good enough to my ear that upgrading them to either Dominger or Duncan Antiquity seem to be a frivolous pursuit and I much prefer to get busy making music. My question:

    On my Jazz bass, I've been using Rotosound Rounds 66's for years. Love them. The strings that ship with the new Player Precisions are Fender NPS .045-.105.

    To my fingers, these seem unbelievably soft and floppy with little of the rigidness or stability I'm used to with the Rotosounds. Perhaps this is normal and I just need to play them for a while and get used to them but so far I'm not liking them. Anyone else have this same experience. Maybe I should try some GHS, La Bella's or Rotos. Thanks!

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    Not sure if this is the right forum, but anyway...

    Personally, I also don't like strings that feel floppy. If you cannot get used to the stock strings, I believe you should give the GHS Pressurewound strings a try. I have the ML7200 (44-58-80-102) strung on my Jazz for now almost 1 year and I still love the tone. Not too bright, very nice, rich mids, and a deep smooth bottom. I cannot comment regarding the tension, but personally I like the stiffness. Imho they feel very similar to the GHS Boomers tension wise. I am sure they will match a P perfectly too.

    Hope that helps.
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    I don't remember those Fender strings feeling noticeably floppy, but the last time I used them was with the previous packaging. Perhaps they changed the strings? No idea.

    Regardless, if you're not happy with them, try something else! I usually would recommend GHS Balanced Nickels on a Precision bass, but they are round core, and are a little more on the flexible side. As suggested, GHS Pressurewound could be worth a try, or just go with the Rotosounds you already know you like!
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    If you want something with a similar feel, but warmer and longer lasting, try LoRiders.
  6. If you're used to the stiffness of Rotosounds, most roundwound strings would feel "soft and floppy".

    For something slightly stiffer than the Fender 7250M, you can try the GHS Boomers 45-105. If you want to try the GHS Pressurewound, as suggested above, I would recommend the M7200, 44-106, instead of the ML7200 mentioned earlier as they may not be stiff enough for you.
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  7. If you like Rotos, Try DiAddario Pro Steels. I describe them as a refined Roto 66. Improvements in texture, longevity, and consistency.
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    Mar 16, 2011
    Thanks for the tips ;)
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    brooklyncelbass, what gauges were the Rotos you used? Same gauges?
    You could reduce floppiness by using Fender NPS strings in 50-110 if they come in those gauges. Larger gauge = higher tension.
    Don't just think about brands/string lines, think about gauges too.
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