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    Jul 11, 2001
    anybody own one of these neat looking basses.. How do they play, feel etc... I have never seen one in stores...

  2. I have played the Stu Hamm bass. It feels ok, and plays ok. Nothing too spectacular that I noticed. You have some pickup options, thats about it. I heard the Roscoe Beck bass is pretty freakin good though. I havent sat down with one yet though.
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    May 6, 2000
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    I'm assuming you know that Stu Hamm and Roscoe Beck are two different people, and two different basses, as well. These are probably the two best basses Fender has built (not counting the new high-end stuff, which I haven't heard yet). I own a Roscoe Beck, and it is like the J-bass on steroids. It has monster tone capabilities, even though it's all passive. Funky controls, too. One volume knob and one tone knob. That's it for knobs. A three-way pickup switch: front, both and rear. Pull out the tone knob to favor the rear pickup when mixed. Each pickup has a 3-way phase microswitch: series, parallel and single-coil, if I remember correctly. If you're used to getting your tone with 3-band on-board EQ (as I am), it takes a little futzin' around to get the wide range of tones available from the RB5.