Fender Super Mega Jazz (meanest Jazz of all time)- 2-Tek, Audere, etc!

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  1. Quadzilla

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    This is the meanest Jazz ever (IMHO). Check the specs:

    Fender 1993 MIA '62 RI Body (professionally routed for 2-Tek_
    2-Tek Bridge
    New All-Parts (Fender Licensed) Bound and Blocked Neck
    Vintage Fender (1985) 75RI Jazz Pickups
    Audere JZ3 pre-amp (vol, blend/mid, treb/bass , 3-way Zmode) w black knobs
    Hipshot Tuners and Xtender (black)
    Fender F logo neck plate
    Dunlop Strap Locks
    Fender Strings

    Super tight neck pocket. Neck was bought brand new (roughly $400 shipped). Bone nut was installed and bass was setup by Ron Carney of Coffee Music (Westminter, MD).

    Notes resonate through the body like no other Jazz I've played, prob because of the 2-Tek. A 2-Tek bridge like this one recently sold for $300 on Ebay. The routing for them is very expensive and you need a true pro luthier to do it. Body has a few small dings and chips, but nothing major. Hipshot Xtender had an issue with the shaft carriers coming up, but I used JB Weld to secure them and they won't be going anywhere.

    Neck has 70's era Jazz logo on it. I have not put a coat of clear over it yet. Bass has vitually no neck dive. Bass has roughly $1500 in parts and work done to it. $849 and she's yours! This is a STEAL folks. First to put up the cash, gets her!


    More Pics ---> http://s241.photobucket.com/albums/ff175/Quadzilla69/Fender Super Jazz/





  2. You're killing me....

    How much without the pre-amp?

  3. J. Crawford

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    Feb 15, 2008
    Phew, looks like the new sunburst Geddy on 'roids!

    Good luck Quad, you always have the best deals and basses!
  4. Quadzilla

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    I'll knock off $115 ;) !
  5. PM sent.

  6. Quadzilla

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    And sold to the man above. A true PLEASURE meeting you today Greg! See you at the convention here in town in Oct!
  7. jmattis

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    Jul 6, 2007
    That thing is ridiculously awesome. You gonna be playing any gigs with that around here anytime soon? I wanna see it in action.
  8. Same back atcha! See you Oct 10 or 11 at http://www.comicon.com/baltimore/

  9. I think we're playing a homeless benefit on 8/28 at Electric Maid, but it's not up on our website yet. I'll know more this afternoon.

    The 2 TEK Jazz currently has no pickups--I haven't even ordered 'em from Aero yet. BUT, I can bring my Hamer Cruise 2TEK with tapped Aero Jazz pickups, if you wanna try that out. I bought the Jazz from Quad to be its backup. It is sweet!

  10. That was a steal!!! I LOVE 2TEK bridges, have one on a PJ w/ a Moses Graphite neck and one on a Peavey GV (they sustain for days).