Fender taperwounds.

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    Sep 7, 2000
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    i dont know if anyone uses these strings, but these strings have the best tone! maybe it is different if you have a string thru like me. if you have a string through body you have to try these strings! it is the cross between people saying that taper this and unexposed that. the E string is tapered and the rest are normal. just thought i would tell you guys that these give awesome tone. not sure of string life but at $18 a set it is worth buying.!
  2. Fender taperwounds 8250-5M are factory installed on their Roscoe Beck 5-strings. The RB5 saddles are setup to use both the tapered B and E strings.

    Fender offers these in two styles, one (8255) for through the bridge stringing, and the longer above for stringing through the body.

    My RB5 came used with a set of GHS Boomers installed, so the B is a bit high. I have a new set of GHS Progressive Alloy 52 strings to try. These have both the low B and E as taperwounds. GHS calls this Saddle Hugger.

    I'm experimenting with the GHS over the Fenders because the Alloy 52 is a highly magnetic nickel alloy rather than Fender's nickel plated steel.