SOLD Fender TBP-1 +1200w Power. Sale/Trade

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  1. I need to downsize due to constant gigging. Both The TBP-1 Pre and 1200 Fender Power amp are in Mint condition, brand new, and barely played. This is a potent and powerful combo offering vintage tube tone and power without the downsides associated with actual tube heads. I played a Mesa Boogie 400+ for 8 years and this head delivers everything I loved about the boogie with more clarity and precision. I think the Fender combo is "Growlier." Asking $1050 obo. Trade wishes are a Little Mark II (with some cash on your side) or a Fender 800 pro head. Other lightweight options will be considered. PM me or email me at [email protected]. Let's make a deal!!

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  2. Daily bump.....I have a few offers pending....
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