SOLD Fender USA Urge II (Stu Hamm) with INCREDIBLE Upgrades

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    Bass is now wearing a new Hipshot KickAss bridge (not pictured), which is far superior to the stock bridge. I'll take a picture of this later. The original bridge is included. Also included is the stock E tuner (in addition to the Hipshot Detuner).

    Most of these tend to sell for $1,200 - $1,600 in stock trim. Several hundred dollars and lots of hours have been invested since I got her. This baby now has the proper upgrades to make the bass incredibly versatile with tone that KILLS!

    Weight is also very reasonable and on the lighter-side for an Urge II (scale says 8.6 lbs)

    Bass has the balance, playability and most of all THE NECK! The neck is super straight with LOW action and with it being asymmetrical on the neck profile itself, it's just so fast and easy to play.

    But the stock electronics are lacking on these (IMHO). Not balanced, just blah sounding and lacking in tone (I've owned two of these and have played others and always found this to be the case)...

    This one came to me with a couple upgrades that improved it, but still didn't hit the mark. The previous owner had put a Bart 3-band pre and Bart pickups in it. But I knew that it could even be better so I started talks with one of my favorite pickup builders, the great Howard Ulyate!

    We got started with designing a new kind of P pickup. I don't work for Howard, but told him that I'd be happy to do some testing and eval with him. Yes, I also paid for my pickup (I didn't expect or want anything for free). I wanted a P pup that would properly balance the D&G strings with the E&A strings. We tried a couple of prototypes and settled on this design.

    The E&A poles are "normal" Alnico V and his normal wind. For the D&G side, fatter poles with stronger magnets. This beefs up the tone. Gives the D&G strings a bit more weight and "ummph" in the notes.

    The result is a VERY balanced P pickup. The D&G strings no longer get lost in the mix or sound thin.

    Next, I wanted Howard to make some J pups that had a bit more to them as well. They look normal from the top, but "underneath the hood", there is an extra Alnico 8 pole in between the two Alnico V poles for each string. There is just a bit of difference in the tone from his regular J pups (in a good way). They sound very even and "creamy" without losing definition. Just KILLER J pups! Highly recommend these!!!!

    I had TBer and electronics-wiz John Dahlman (JKDahlman here on TB) do the install, copper-shielding, and proper mods to the Bart pre and switching to make all this work. The 3-way switch works like this:

    1 - J pups
    2 (middle) - All pups
    3 - P pup

    The balance control only controls balance between the J pups and it works in modes 1 & 2.

    The rest of the electronics are setup "standard" (vol knob, balance knob, treb/bass stack and then the mid knob with push/pull for mid-freq select).

    Bass is a players bass (not a closet queen) and has some minor swirling in the finish, minor dings, a bit of buckle rash (not through the paint), etc. But she still looks great, sounds AMAZING and plays like butta!

    STEAL PRICE - $1,450 (split-shipping) - CONUS shipping only please.
    1.jpg 6.jpg 2.jpeg 3.jpeg 4.jpg 5.jpg 8.JPG 9.JPG 7.jpg
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    Updated pics with Hipshot KickAss bridge. 20170629_215600-1.jpg 20170629_215547-1.jpg
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    Damn Fred! Almost makes me want to go back to 34" scale.
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    This would be a good way to come back! :)
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    I've always wanted one of these and then this drool. GLWTS
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    Make it happen!!! ;-)
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    Between a Custom Shop and MIA Geddy I can't afford another bass and divorce.
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    LOL! :)
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