Fender V-Mod v. Seymour Duncan v. EMG etc

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  1. Hey all,

    I have a couple of American Pro Precisions that I really like, but I'm frequently tinkering and I've been toying with the idea of changing pickups. Not because I dislike the existing stock V-Mod tones, I actually very much like them, more because I'm perpetually in GAS mode and I'm curious to see whether other pickups would sound even better.

    So I was wondering what the general opinion of Fender's V-Mod pickups compared with common upgrades, like the SD SPB-1, Quarter Pounders and SPB-4 (I have the SPB-4 as stock in a Steve Harris sig Precision and like it a lot), and the EMG GZR, etc. Anyone have experience with the DiMarzio Model P or Split P pickups?

    Is it worth replacing the V-Mods, do you think? I don't have a particular idea of a tone I'm trying to achieve. More wondering whether it's worth going down the upgrade path.
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  2. Yahboy


    May 21, 2008
    To my ear, Vmod are clean tone compare to both bake in voice C'S60 and PV63. But for bassist who play along with effect pedal, the clean sounding pickup are better for tone/effect/character tweak.

    Try EB cobalt flat 2814 (45-100) before swap pickup. She make my Squier VM77 stock pup like growl version of PV64 pup (sweet warmth sounding j pup).

    They are EB cobalt flat special deal on fretnation.com currently.

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  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I used to really like EB Cobalt flats on my fretlesses, but I found I prefer Fender's 9050 flatwounds. I have been meaning to stick some flatwounds on of my Am Pro Precisions, so that's worth trying.
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