Fender vs Rickenbacker fret repair

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    Wow lots of misinformation and questionable repair practice in there. I even wonder about his accuracy in obtaining measurements leaning the tool back so far when reading. The initial quote "a quality instrument is easily repaired" is not something I would agree with...quality is in the eye of the beholder and I'm not even a Ric fan. Wonder if this fellow has ever repaired a bound P neck...
  2. I find Dave entertaining and actually have learned a bit from him. He, if you had the volume up, speaks to why he's moving the measuring device around… lacquer, etc. These are vintage basses for the most part, with lots of who knows what on the frets. As far as everything he's repaired documented on video:

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    That was painful, wow.
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    Dave is a funny guy. His rants about Stew Mac are fairly entertaining. He clearly isn't a Rickenbacker specialist. However, because he approaches Ricks from a Fender/Gibson perspective he does made some interesting points.