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  1. since they're roughly the same price, which is better value for money? a mexi deluxe jazz or a hwy 1?

    and when i went out the other night i saw this band and the bassist dude(didnt get to speak with him, damn drunk friends) and he had an american series jazz bass 4 string with a silver flake/glitter finish, like a modulus flea finish, are those fender finishes from before i dont know when or would it be custom.....cos i want my next jazz bass like that, his was a silver flake with black pikguard and rosewood neck....id like gold/silver flake with a gold mirror pickguard and maple neck..mmmmm

    also id like to pronounce my hate for s-1 switches, i tried an american jazz with the s1, i pushed it in, and the damn thing got stuck :meh: ..admittedly it was the first ive tried, but not off to a good start
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    Apr 11, 2005
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    I don't like the S1 either. That's why I bought a 98. Well, that and it wasn't $1000.

    After playing many Mexis and many Hwy 1's, I'd say it's a push. For that reason I'd go for a Mexi sooner than the Hwy 1.
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    Mar 18, 2005
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    I've tried both and the MIM Deluxe with noiseless pups would get my vote. Try b4 you buy though as the necks can be a bit 'variable'. Dont think you'll get the finish you want unless you get the bass re-finished. Not something I'd want to do with a new bass.
  4. id definately get it refinished right away....considering i was also thinking of getting a 3 tone sunburst jazz and taking the body to work and putting it in the sandblaster "vintagafying" it myself :D
  5. Niether.

    Next time your in sydney, check out Global Vintage, its across the street from the Venue Audio store.

    You'll find yourself some very nice japanese fenders in there.