For Sale Fernandes Dinky Bass Limited Edition PJS-50 - 80s PJ Precision Bass - Black/Black

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    Aug 19, 2021
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    Grab up this Limited Edition PJ Bass by Fernandes .

    Made in Japan in the 80s, its a heavy metal raging bass in Black on Black.

    Scale is medium-scale
    Dinky headstock matching body

    Being Fernandes speaks for itself as for sound and performance. This Bass has a PJ pickup configuration and is a very versatile sounding bass.

    Overall this is one beast of an '80s-looking bass. Yes there are scraches and dings about, but the black hides it decently. This was a rocking bass owned by a player. Still alive and ready to rock.

    Cosmetically it's in decent shape for almost 35 year old guitar, see pics.
    Technically everything works well
    Truss rod still turns.
    Hardware works fine
    Action is low and comfortable


    Body - alder
    Neck - maple bolt-on
    Fretboard: Rosewood / 22 frets
    Scale: 32"
    Nut: 40mm
    Hardware - Fernandes by Gotoh
    Pickups - Set oF P+J pickups (VPB-2/VJB-2 Japan)
    Bridge: Heavy bridge with brass saddles
    Weight: 3.4kg

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