SOLD Fernandes Limited Edition Precision 1984

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    Great Japanese made Precision for sale. I love these Japanese made basses, and this one is something special. Vintage white finish, black pickguard, gorgeous maple neck with some birds eye in it, rosewood fingerboard. Comes with original leather case. Weight is 8.8 pounds, so not too heavy. Items that I changed are the bridge, and I put strap locks on it. Just put on a new set of Sadowsky flats as well. Has some minor scratches and small dings in the finish, but the bass is almost 35 years old. Great low action, frets are in excellent condition. The pickup on this bass is really hot as well. Plugged in, it's louder than my active basses.

    Trade interests would be Mesa Subway Cabinets, prefer 15, 210 or 212. Can add cash to the right trade.

    DSC_0045.JPG DSC_0044.JPG DSC_0045.JPG DSC_0046.JPG DSC_0047.JPG DSC_0048.JPG DSC_0052.JPG DSC_0053.JPG DSC_0054.JPG DSC_0055.JPG DSC_0056.JPG DSC_0043.JPG DSC_0049.JPG DSC_0050.JPG DSC_0051.JPG DSC_0058.JPG

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  2. Double E

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    Very, very nice!
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  3. Also has strap locks. I have a tort guard that will go with it as well, may need to be modified to fit properly around pickups and neck pocket.
  4. Also super low action, great straight neck, with lots of fret life left.
  5. Here is the tort guard. Looks pretty good with this as well!!

  6. Up the dose

    Up the dose

    Mar 10, 2013
    That bass is as good or better than most Fenders of that period. Fantastic value.
  7. I agree, great craftsmanship. Want a vintage Fender precision on the cheap? Here ya go. Thanks for the comment.
  8. west*coast*bass

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    Hi...what's the nut width?
  9. 1.5" thanks.
  10. west*coast*bass

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    Dec 6, 2003
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    Oh reeeeeeeeeally???? Hmmm...

    I love these old Fernandes basses. Hmmmm...
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