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  1. To each thier own, if you liked 7 & 8, you might want to try some of the earlier FF games and the likes of Chrono Trigger.

    I never got into 9 at all, hated it. Tho I did like 10, but never compeleted it, got stuck on a boss. Loving 13 still!
  2. i hate username

    i hate username

    Jan 9, 2006
    Agree completely, XII was much better than X or XIII, but still did not entertain me the same way 7,8, or 9 did.( 9 is both the first FF i played and my favorite:bag:) Not that the others are bad games, they just dont have the same feel of the original FF,s. I think getting rid of a world map was a big part of this. Apparently FFXIII verses will feature a world map for the first time since IX so i am very exited for that game to come out :).

    Recently i think the kingdom hearts series of games have been much better than modern FF games(the main two on the ps2 not the ancillary ones on the ds and psp) K.E.2 being one of my favorite games. Apparently they are going to start work on 3 when verses is finished.
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