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FIFA U-19 women's world championship

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by metallicarules, Aug 30, 2002.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has been paying attention to this at all? Maybe I'm only hearing about it because it is taking place here in my city. I'm not a big soccer(football) fan, but I think it is pretty interesting that the final is all North American, Canada vs. USA. Canada defeated Brazil in the semifinals and the US beat Germany. Earlier in the tournament Canada whooped England 6-2, stick that in your pipe and smoke it ;):D.
    I can't think of any country that couldn't beat Canada's mens team without consulting a globe, but our women are doing really well.
  2. i relaly hope Canada wins, we took hockey goald, so why not soccer goald! and i think canada's goalie rocks. so yeah, GO CANADA! woooo!!!!
  3. I'm watching most of it, but GRRR... the officials make me angry..They are STUUUUUUPID, I'm Only Fifa level 3 cert and I could ref a better game.

    Ya know what else gets my goat? thebrazilian Women's behavior in extra time against Canada, they were harrassing the person taking the penalty kick and the referee, but the Ref did nothing, it's pathetic. they deperatly need better officials. And if that means getting males, i think they should do it in the interest of the game.
  4. i agree with you metallicarules, the ref was being dumb. hell i'm in U15 ref training and i could do better. the brazillians were extremly rude! i was shocked. GOOOOO CANADA!
  5. FunkyDom


    Aug 31, 2002
    woooo...Can't wait to see the game tomorrow...It's gonna be a beaut! Definetely the two best teams in the for their group. Not to mention that Lang from the canadian team is a fox! and she's 15 too!

  6. cant belive canada lost. grr....stupid usa. ah well, we still kicked their butts at hockey:D
  7. FunkyDom


    Aug 31, 2002
    ahhhh! I was so dissapointed when they lost! I can't believe it, they had so many chances, they played so hard! I think they deserved to win...

    Ah well...it would be nice to have a winning soccer team but Shoonk is right, we can still kick everyones ass at hockey!
  8. Hockey is really all that matters.

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