SOLD FiiO FH5 Headphones

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    Used but in excellent condition pair of FiiO FH5 award winning high resolution headphones. These are audiophile quality.

    Included with the FH5 are three different sets of small, medium, and large pairs of ear tips and three pairs of foam ear tips all in medium. With the great variety of bundled ear tips, anybody can tailor the sound to what they want in absolute comfort.

    They cost $250 new. I am asking $125 which includes FedEx shipping anywhere in CONUS.

    CEEF68D6-6D4A-47CA-8155-418ECB0E8B80.jpeg 55E7E39F-3899-4606-9A0F-7E9AAA1305EA.jpeg 1872EF47-F2D2-43E7-A4A0-E50F6B0D5B71.jpeg 1EA84B9B-D5F0-4183-BF64-BD0396E54380.jpeg
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