filling in old PUP holes

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  1. Ok I got the Yamaha BB300 off ebay for $100, this thing is in great shape! Sounds pretty decent. It needs some set up and what not. My question is how do I adjust the truss rod on these things, do they have a special tool? Also, I have some 1/4 pound P bass PUPs I want to install but the yamaha pups are longer and the new pups screws are a tad off from the holes in the body, should I just fill with some wood putty or tooth picks and wood putty? Any info would be great guys!

  2. todd 4ta

    todd 4ta

    Apr 3, 2003
    To fill the old screw holes, I use tootpicks and wood glue. A drop or two of glue, then cram the hole full of toothpicks. Let it dry fully, and then you should be ready to start the new holes. This same technique is good for filling stripped strap button holes.
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    don't know about the truss..

    I use to use toothpicks and glue until I tried using baking soda and super glue to fill holes. hardens in seconds and is harder then wood. try it on some scrap wood first to see the results for yourself.

    fill the hole with baking soda (not powder)
    add one or two drops of super glue..wait a few seconds
    drill new hole
  4. Thanks guys I tried the toothpick with superglue thing and worked perfectly. The baking soda was an interesting idea! :)

    thanks again and I cant tell you what a big difference the 1/4 punders made.