Filming/recording bass for youtube

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  1. hey im pretty new to the recording scene and just wondering whats the best/cheapest way to record and film you bass to put on you tube. Sorry if this thread has already been done before if so just leave a link for it if it saves the trouble of explaining again. cheers for any inputs.
  2. Connor


    Jun 21, 2007
    i use a webcam for both the audio and video. if you wanted better audio, you could use either a small mixer, or preamp. a good choice might be the korg pandora box. if you have a mac, just use the built in camera/mic, if not... someone else can help you on here better than me
  3. I too want to record audio and video of myself jammin' the bass, I was thinking of buying an audio attachment for my camera. Or getting one that already records audio. Bumpin' this thread YeYeah!:bassist:
  4. enen


    Mar 2, 2008
    I tried using my laptop webcam but the A/V out of sync problem is very serious... not to mention that the quality of the sound recorded from the mic is terrible... is there any program that can record both line in and stereo mix together? And also how to fix the out of sync prob.. thanks
  5. the best way I can figure it is to record the audio to your comp while you are shooting the video so you can get like a good di tone, not relying on crap camera mics. then combine them. there are a few pieces of software that can do this. if you have a mac, i think imovie does it. i do it right in digi performer.

    you can check one i did out at
  6. enen


    Mar 2, 2008
    thanks alot .. but do you know any other programs which can also do it right and work on vista?