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  1. After much deliberation, I actually know what I'm going to purchase now. Originally, I was going for Hartke cabs, but something about all that money for a sound I couldn't work around(aluminium drivers) wasn't appealing. Originally I was going to get Peavey cabs, and I think I will now, because they handle more power, are 4 Ohms, and have a relatively flat response. Also, with the money I save I can buy extra goodies. Was going to go for the HA7000 instead of the 5000, but its a lot of money for only an extra 200W. So I'm sticking with the 5000. The rig should be:

    SKB 6U Roto rack
    Furman PL8-E Power conditioner
    Behringer Ulrafex EX3200
    Behringer SNR2000
    Hartke HA5000


    Peavey 410TVX
    Peavey 115BXBW

    All in all, £1328(or thereabouts) minus whatever I get from my Peavey combo 115 sale. If not, a part exchange will knock £180 off. Just thought I'd share. Anyone got any comments?
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    Just a bit of sceptism from me... Do you really need a 1x15" as well as 4x10"? Those Peavey 4x10" cabs go really loud and have plenty of bottom and are hard enough to cart on their own. Power conditioners are just glorified power strips and are a waste of money and rack space IMO, the SNR2000 noise-reducer is totally superfluous, and the Ultrafex is a budget stereo sound enhancer, certainly not what I'd want in a bass rig.

    If you get rid of all those 'goodies' you can do without a rackcase and just have a nice reliable rig which is plenty loud enough, sounds good and is easy to cart to gigs. I'd recommend checking out Peavey heads as well - they're very well built and sound pretty good nowadays.

  3. Well I want to biamp because I'm using a five, and having a 15 just for those low notes would be pretty nice, as my current amp is running full range and craps out a little too much. The power conditioner is just so I don't need 2 or more power outlets wherever I go, and I might as well get a surge protector and some rack lights while I'm at it.

    I already own the EX3200 and in A/B comparisons with the BBE and the Aphex pedal Bass Xciter it won hands down, just crispened everything up and made my low end more punchy, so it might be budget but it works. Only has an effect with the tune control turned right down though. The SNR2000 I'll use as a gate because I use distortion and it can get hissy, and it's cheaper than getting a dedicated gate (can't find one with less than four channels locally anyway). I'll need a rack case to move it all in.

    As for Peavey heads, the EQ is not my thing. I like a big graphic, or at a pinch a parametric. The only Peavey head with that EQ is the Pro 500 head, or a MAX preamp plus poweramp, both of which are out of my price range. The Firebass etc. are just too indistinct in the tone for my liking.
  4. Toasted


    May 26, 2003
    Leeds, UK
    hey man, im in manchester living on oxford road (at uni here)

    where are you buying your rig from? ive been to a few places here.... isnt "the bass centre" ace, its the only place ive ever seen in the UK that stocks MTD :p
  5. I was going to get it from BC, but they don't stock Peavey stuff so I'm using Sound Control. Academy Of Sound can't get good prices really.

    Also, I'll probably end up with the Samson PB11 instead of the Furman, it's the same thing for less money and I can put my own backlit logo in the thing :D.
  6. Toasted


    May 26, 2003
    Leeds, UK
    AOS isnt too bad for big name stuff, ala ampeg and SWR. i havent been to soudn control here, where is it?
  7. Congrats on the rig! The 4 x 10 and the 1 x15 should really give you a nice full sound especuially with the 5 string (Spector REX ain't it!)

    I downsized mine and just went all Ashdown - for a little more than you're spending. I'm well impressed with mine, plus compared to my Trace rig, the Ashdown rig (Mini cabinets) is a whole lot easier to move (all in about 40kgs lighter!)

    I've also found the best deals to be had at Sound Control - that's where the bulk of my gear comes from!

  8. Toasted


    May 26, 2003
    Leeds, UK
    yeah - its just a shame the sound control website is so RUBBISH

    those ashdown minis are AMAZING, i played a mini stack they had in Dawsons, ABM head, 4 by 8 and 1 by 10. round deep and full crisp highs clear mids HUGE bottom for such small speakers. really really damn loud too. i was playing at like, 15%-20% volume in a soudn proofed practice room and got told to turn it down cuz it was annoying the piano players downstairs

  9. Yeah - their website could be a whole lot better....mind you it is better than it used t be:oops:

    Like your demo stack is the 4 x 8 and the 1 x 15....just preferred having a 15 there really nice and fat and warm - especially for the low B

    Piano players....pfffffftttt!;)
  10. Toasted


    May 26, 2003
    Leeds, UK
    i couldnt believe such a noise came from cabs no larger than two stacked shoe boxes.... utterly blew me away :p :bassist:

    quite expensive tho. i guess not when compared to epifani berganito aguilar etc, which we cant really get here anyway, other than from extortionate prices at bass center (sorry)
  11. don't buy plastic racks I bought one and then immediatly bought a hard one. I hated it. Locks started going bad after one gig!!!

    But they are really really light.
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