Finally finished bass studio, and slotboard rules!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by drivenmore, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. I had picked up a bunch of guitar hangers real cheap off of eBay a while ago, but had searched high and low for slotboard to put up so that I could use them. Finally found a place in town that sells to retail businesses and the like.

    Anyway, it has increased my usable space a thousandfold (I converted my garage storage unit, and added an AC vent). At around $80 per 4x8 board, it's really not too bad. Just make sure you have more than your father-in-law helping you mount them, cuz they're friggin' heavy...

    More pics
  2. I guess now is not the time to let you know that there is a special router bit that you can get for this type of cut. I've seen them in the $25-$35 dollar range.


    Nice use of the material though!
  3. Believe me, if I were handy like that, I would've done it. I'm lucky I can hammer a screw into a piece of wood... ;)
  4. Great idea for bass storage! Personally, I use garden tool hooks screwed into wall studs, and slip cut off fingers from winter gloves over the hooks to protect my guitars from scratches.

    C'mon, this post is really just an excuse to show off your basses, isn't it? :eyebrow:
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