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    Jul 6, 2018
    DF0A4737-89AA-4A81-BDBD-20CF059BE745.jpeg I’ve always been of the “dump yr pedal(s)out of the bag, patch em together and let er rip” school of effects usage. Usually just a tuner and distortion, so no need for a pedal board. Until my current band, where I found myself wanting to cater my tone to the songs. It’s a noisepunk power trio. The songs fall into two camps—either speedier/zesty early 80s hardcore/postpunk or slower/groovier noiserock. I got a little pedal crazy, and had to do the tap dance pedal switching, which usually involved turning at least one wrong pedal off or on. Then I discovered my new best friend, the loop switcher. Pure bliss! I can turn em all on and just toggle back and forth between! Woot woot! Channel one(Zesty)is the Rusty Box, boost on(it seems like a lot of folks think the boost is too much. I’m of the mind that too much is never enough....). Channel two(Groovy)is the Amptweaker into the EAND fuzz into the Dirge boost. Now I’m a big boy, all organized and gussied up with my fancy new pedalboard. I woulda never thunk! And it only took me about 5 hours of some trial and much error to hash out what goes where in the signal chain, settings, strapping it all down. I think I’ve earned myself a beer....
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    Looks good.
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