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    Feb 13, 2000
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    I decided to post some pictures. I'm at home, so for now all I have to post is a project bass I've been working on... my babies are at school along with my rig. Expect more pics soon. But for now, enjoy these of a little project of mine. I always wanted a fretless just to play around with, and a friend of mine gave up on bass. I wanted to buy his practice amp, but he would only sell it on the condition I took the bass too. So, for $50, I got a BX-15 combo and this Squier P+J bass. Too bad it was a lefty. Well, a few mods later, I have a right handed, fretless P+J squier. It plays alright... could definately use a setup, but I think the setup would cost more than the bass is worth! Here's my project:
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