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Finally got my Crown working the way I want it to

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by LiquidMidnight, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    Hey All,

    Last October, I purchased a Crown XLS 602. I was using a QSC RMX850 and wanted more head room. The QSC was plenty loud, but to get to a desirable volume level, I would have to be careful not to clip it. Besides, I knew that I was going to rethink my rig soon, and I wanted to make sure I had enough watts to push whatever I wanted to push.

    Of course, the first issue was the goofy XLR cable I needed to bridge. I had a soundman I know make one for me. The problem is that I have a BBE preamp, which means I have a 1/4 inch output. Matching the connections became an issue. I had one of those 1/4-to-XLR convertors from Radio Shack. Unfortunatley, he made the cable with a female end, and the convertor was also female. He had a female-to-female convertor, so I had two adapters running between my cables. I plugged it in and started to get a nice signal, it was obvious that the Crown had more head room. Unfortunatley, once I got to a certain level, the signal became very dirty and it sounded like I was clipping somewhere along the line. The clip lights weren't coming on, and I've pushed the cabinet much harder without any problems. Dissappoitned, I unracked the Crown and played the gig that night with my trusty QSC. For the past couple of months, I've been attempting to sell the Crown.

    I work for my college's IT department, and my boss has been a bass player for 30 years and has also worked in pro audio (he's actually more of a A/V guy at school rather than a real IT tech). We got on the subject of my rig, and I told him about the Crown. He suggested that my adapter really wasn't converting the impedance of my signal, but was just physically converting the 1/4 to XLR. I decided to order one of the IMP Whirlwind convertors. I tried my Crown again, and the signal was totally clean, even at high outputs. I haven't gigged the Crown yet, but I will be doing that this weekend. I'll still have "Old Faithful" (i.e. my QSC) with me, but I'm confident that the Crown will work fine.

    Has anyone ever A/Bed these two amps? To my ears, they sound ever so slightly different. The QSC has more highs/high-mids, and has a more "open" sound to it (that may be due to the filter on it), whereas the Crown has more lows and an overall tighter sound. Does anyone else notice any tonal variations between these two amps?