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finally got to see the Back To School concert

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by backtoschool, Dec 10, 2000.

  1. backtoschool


    Oct 24, 2000
    This past Friday I was finally able to see Taproot, Incubus and the Deftones!

    Stephen Richards (lead singer for Taproot) is the most exciting front man. I was at the Roy Wilkens arena in St. Paul, MN for the show and the arena is set up with a general floor and then the seating starts 15 feet up. First Stephen (while singing) circles the entire seating area slapping everyone's hands and when he is done with that he goes back to the stage and jumps into the pit gets down into a mosh pit and then has everyone settle down during a quiet part in the song and tells everyone when the song picks up to jump up and mosh with him. It was incredible.

    Listening to Incubus live is like you are listening to the cd. They are incredibly accurate and the Brandon Boyd's voice is amazing. Incubus has to be one of the greatest group of muscians out their today.

    And of course the Deftones. Simply electrifying. It's hard to put into words what their performance was. The highlight for me was when they started to play "7 words" and in the middle they stopped and kicked into a cover of weezer's "say it ain't so" with Incubus and then finished "7 words" !!!!!!

    That concert was so much fun with so much energy. I couldn't ask for anything better.
  2. I saw them last month, great show!


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