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  1. I've been using this site for awhile to learn about obscure basses and amps, get feedback about gear, etc. and figured I should actually contribute to the conversation once in awhile.

    Started playing double bass in the 5th grade for the school orchestra (1986!), picked up the bass guitar in 1991, began playing in the school jazz choir, jazz band, and pit orchestra soon after.
    Attended Western Washington University, played in a fun acoustic band with pianist Joe Yamada called Bass And A Cup of Joe, got married, played in a local Christian band called Marked For Life, and in between all of that and still today play at church at least once a month.

    Right now I'm helping my eldest daughter learn to play double bass for her 5th grade orchestra, and encouraging my youngest to learn guitar. I also mess around with guitar and ukulele but I'm first and foremost a bass player so that's where I focus my time and money.

    I'll throw out my 2 cents here and there and help out wherever I can, and if you're in the PNW look me up.

    Also, if you or somebody you know is selling an Ibanez 2626B Artist bass, I'm looking...
  2. Welcome, please chime in as we do learn from each other.
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