Finally listened to the Alleman Bros. "Where it all began" album the whole way throug

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    Dec 25, 2000
    Bought this album a few weeks ago, but I haven't given it a full listen until last night. I must say, this is a great album. I'm espcially happy since a lot of older bands have great material in their early days, and then release an album of crap 20 years later. This was definatley not the case. The bass playing is great of course. Lots of great playing in Back Where it All Began, Soulshine, and What's Done is Done. I've always loved the laid back southern rock sound of this band. I always feel peacful when listening to them.

    I was wondering, who is the blonde haired cat, (usually pulled back in a pony tail) who's playing with them now. Whenever I see them doing a live version of "Nobody to Run With" he's the one doing the "Hand-jive" type slide solo at the end. I was wondering because he doesn't look very old.

    What's your opinions?
  2. Well, they kind of released some (IMO) crap in the middle period, when Gregg was involved with Cher, but ever since "Seven Turns" they have really been cooking. The new slide player is Derek Trucks (Butch Trucks' nephew), and you're right--he's not old. Maybe 20? He's been with the band for five or six years now. Dickey's gone, and Warren's back in the band. Kinda strange. Warren was featured in the L.A. Times last Friday--a lot of mention of the late, great Allen Woody in that article as well.

    Oh yeah, I love Soulshine. One of the best "this era" songs, I think.
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    Two thumbs up for the Alleman Brothers Band. Berrey Oakeley rocked!

    (I'm baaaaad. Sorry. :( )
  4. Yes but funny.

    As far as slide goes, Micky Brets was incedable.