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Finally... New Amp!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by SlavaF, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. SlavaF


    Jul 31, 2002
    Edmonton AB
    Check it out!


    It's the Yorkville XM200T (it seems like everyone's buying one these days!) and I'm gonna buy the XC115 eventually when I get a bit more cash.

    This is a great amp, I've gotta say. TONS of low end, it can get very loud, lots of tone shaping capabilities, and tons of other useful features (FX loop, Line Out, 2 inputs, XLR out, Scoop control). Not to mention it's dirt cheap for the kind of amp it is! I haven't tried it out with my band yet, but I will this coming weekend. :hyper: It should be sweet... I used to have a s***ty 25 watt amp, and now that I've got 8 times that much, the guys should be in for a surprise! :smug:
  2. Nice wallpaper.

    Clear is a good idea.
  3. SlavaF


    Jul 31, 2002
    Edmonton AB
    This would be my undeveloped basement.

    I didn't really wanna move a 60 pound amp up and down 4 flights of stairs to take a pic.
  4. hondo8671


    Apr 22, 2004
    mines on the way!!!!!!!!
    cant wait!!!!!!!! :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper:
  5. SlavaF


    Jul 31, 2002
    Edmonton AB
    Yep, enjoy that extension cab too! Should be a hell of a rig! :bassist: