Finally saying Hello

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  1. BigMacDaddy


    May 25, 2009
    Rochester, NY
    I have been on for a few months, but didn't have much time to post a hello.

    I am a High School Biology Teacher, and at the age of 36 decided to get back into music the way I was in High School and early College. I was primarily a singer, and as a Bass, loved that my role was to be the supporting bottom end.
    Starting back up, I decided I needed to rediscover instrument playing. What to choose. Piano? I've done that, and actually picked that up again as well, but I wanted a new challenge. So I decided to work on a bass.
    I can now play a few simple riffs (Stand by Me and Creep), and also some unnamed others. I love every minute of it.
    Adding even more to the craziness, I am also pushing through playing acoustic guitar. It allows me to really expand my learning and challenge my brain. I feel that it actually has helped me to be learning them both at the same time.
    I love this site, and find myself looking at it at least once an hour. Love everything about it.