Finally spotted my stolen Tokai Basses for sale, sixteen years later!

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    Jul 16, 2014
    Ontario, Canada
    Unfortunately too late, but still. I scoured the internet for years in case, it only just hit, and for both at once.

    First up, Black Jazz Sound with Bartollini pickups and no pick guard, even still in same Levy gig bag. It sold end of 2018 on BassChat UK. I send a message there in case anyone sees it again, so I could try to possibly buy it back, no questions asked.

    Secondly, Sun Burst Tort guard Fretless Jazz Sound with Reflex Red pickups, as listed on Reverb in Germany. Never mind the same exact gig bag, it even still has the same grwd strings on it! So I sent the same message, no answer back. Again, I do not intend to point fingers. After all, I doubt the thief held on to em' for 16yrs, then got on a plane from Canada to Europe to sell them!

    So, I won't likely see them again, but just hope they at least land in the hands of someone who will love them as I did. Because, I was indeed gutted when the were stolen way back then.

    Still, I did ok finding replacements that I have enjoyed meantime.

    Ok, now I feel better

    Update 06/30: just found a slightly older listing for the fretless one here:
    TOKAI Jazz bass fretless. - 7653764916 - oficjalne archiwum Allegro I knew there would be a trail!

    Update 08/10 on the Black one, here is the sale listing:
    SOLD Tokai Jazz Sound TJB-45 SOLD

    Pictures: Tokai Jazz Sound 1982 Slideshow by koval123

    and the receipt I just found from when I purchased it locally from Mike Milligan. He decided to go strictly upright.
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    Mar 14, 2008
    Greatly admire your persistence. Best of luck!