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Financing Option Now Available

Discussion in 'Rocket Music' started by RocketMusic, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. RocketMusic

    RocketMusic Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Oct 31, 2007
    Blacksburg, VA
    Owner, Rocket Music
    I wanted to make everyone aware that we now have a financing option available. It's a service called "Bill Me Later" that is offered through PayPal. You can get up to 6 months with 0% interest, subject to qualifying after you go through the application process with PayPal.

    This is really a contract that is setup between you (the buyer) and PayPal (the lender). Paypal immediately pays us in full for whatever goods we ship to you, and then you are responsible for paying PayPal back subject to their terms.

    To use this service, you obviously need a PayPal account. But you also have to go a step further and apply for the "Bill me Later" service (which is much like applying for a loan or credit card). Once you're setup with PayPal, then you can use our website to purchase whatever items you like. Choose "PayPal" as the payment option, and then you'll be taken to the PayPal website to complete the "Bill Me Later" transaction.

    Easy peasy. Let me know if you have any questions! :D

    PS - please don't hurt yourself going too deeply into debt. Much as I might like to make some additional sales, I really don't want anybody to end up doing long term damage to their financial well-being in the name of G.A.S. ;)

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