Finding my sound: frettless vs. fretted

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  1. I own a frettless MIM Jazz Bass, and i love the sound on the lows and mids, and even the highs, but theres one thing: i play a lot of chords, and they almost always sound muddy. for my next bass i was considering getting a 5 string string (EADGC not with the low b) and was wondering if i should stick to frettless or if i should find a fretted. the thing is i know i would miss the frettless sound whenever im not playing chords. if only i could have frettless on the bottom two strings only :) . and i was also wondering if even if i got fretted, it would still sound muddy with J pickups, and what pickups work best for chrisp sounding chords.

    p.s. Sorry about the other thread go ahead and delete it (I accidentally pressed enter). But heres what I was getting at.
  2. Nick man

    Nick man

    Apr 7, 2002
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    Get a double neck like JT!

    I only say that half jokingly.

    Im seriouslt planning to have a doubleneck fretted 5/ fretless 5 built for me in the near future.

    I think a more pratical idea would be to try out some fretted J's and if they work good for chords then I think you should get one of those to go with your fretless.

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    Sep 17, 2001
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    im completely with you man. i love teh sound of my fretless carvin, and i only wish it would sound better for chords. Im currently using an ibanez ATK fretted 5 for the chords and heavy slap stuff. I would reccomend you get a fretted bass to match your fretless. If possible, you can try to find one with the smaller, more vintage feeling frets. I personally hate the huge frets on my ATK, and would love a bass with smaller ones. The only fretless Ive ever heard that was not at all muddy on chords was a pedulla pentabuzz. and those are quite expensive. of course I'm also not so talented as to be able to play any more than three notes in tune at once on a fretless.