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Finger Plucking

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by The Mole, Aug 3, 2002.

  1. When finger picking, I have always used my main finger repeatedly, but I have read that you should alternate between you're main and middle finger.
    I have tried this and found that it just makes playing more confusing, although it is easier for bass lines made up of repeated notes on the same string. How should I use this technique and how could I improve the way I use it?
  2. What I usually do is pluck with just my index finger for slower stuff, and when I'm playing faster stuff then I incorporate my middle finger into the rotation. It was a little odd for me too, but just work at it for a while, plucking slowly at first so you get even 1/8 notes or whatever type of note you're playing. Speed it up when you feel comfortable at that speed. Use a metronome.
  3. just keep practicing good technique...it takes time to relearn, but it'll be 2nd nature soon enough.
  4. And when you get tired you use your third finger im skinny and not the strongest of people but its easy enough to do just that p word............popeye, no
  5. Yes, practice is all you can do. Try playing some stuff you already know slowly while focusing on alternating fingers, it will really help your playing in the long run.
  6. Sit down with a meteronome, and start out very slow. Just keep alternating your fingers back and forth, then once you get comfortable with the speed, increase it by 10bpm. Keep doing it until you get good.
  7. Hey snaggletooth, are metronomes available in music shops because im starting to write songs now fully not just parts, and was wondering if they are in music shops and how much they retail for?
  8. You can buy metronomes for as little as $15. I don't know how expensive they get, though. I have a little Qwiktime metronome I got for $15, it suits my needs just fine.
  9. I didn't buy a meteronome, I just downloaded one. But yes, they are available in music stores, and can be had for $10 or so.

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