Fingerboard Radius!

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    Oct 13, 2001
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    i hope buy a modern "flat" fingerboard bass(like Yamaha), it good for play some techque for me i think, because i have fender jaco fretted bass, it fingerboard not "flat",

    but i dont know what mean for the 9"....7"1/2....., what mean for that?

    Kubicki bass is 7"1/2 and build with Fender, it is not "flat"?
  2. seanm

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    Feb 19, 2004
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    The 7.5 " is the radius of the fretboard in inches. The larger the number, the flatter the fretboard. 7 1/4" is the radius of an old P bass and is very round. Modern P basses are 9.5 ". Very flat fingerboards are 12".
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    using those numbers as the radius, u can create a circle. now the curve of the circle is the curve of the fingerbaord.