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Finished my Pedalboard!!!

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by carlos840, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. So, here are the last updates of my board, i really think im done this time...

    I took two pedals off, the programmable BDDI, i just had no need for the programmable function since i use any of my 12 basses to play and that no settings works well for more than one bass, adjustments on the fly are also really a problem, so it went and the VT came instead!
    Havent really played with it much but i like the first vibe i got from it.

    I also wasnt using the phaser at all, im not really into strange sounds and never had a use for it, just put it on because i had it!

    The Aguilar compressor i got after reading reviews from bongolation, i never had a compressor, though that maybe i needed one, and since its also pretty good at limiting peaks i though it would be a good idea to have it to tame the enigma, havent gigged it yet but will report when i do!!

    I also changed my power supply from a DC brick to a Voodoo Lab pedal power 2, nothing wrong with the brick, just wanted something that fit neatly under my board instead of a big mess!

    I also got a New tuner a few weeks ago, love the turbo tuner!

    Since i dont have a DI out anymore i also got myself a Radial J48...

    So, pics,

    I went from this


    To this

  2. JoshC


    Nov 19, 2006
    Lancaster, PA
    Nice board man, lots more space then the old one. You've got most of the bases covered. I could rock that.
  3. fitz420

    fitz420 Knows Lows

    Oct 6, 2008
    Pittsburgh, PA
    man, if i could count the number of times i said i was done with my board......oh well, even though i don't believe you, great board.
  4. Well i honestly think im done! I have never really been into pedals and do enjoy playing straight into my amp! And i play without any effects in all my original bands!
    This is just for when i actually "need" effects for my function band...

    I also dont think ill ever have a need for a selection of fuzz or distortion, or filters...

    The way i see it i now have a super fuzz, a pretty versatile distortion (although it does loose a bit of low end), arguably the best octav pedal on the market, a great compressor, a very versatile filter, and the VT which doubles as a second distortion!
    I can get some pretty wild synth sounds by combining pedals and as i said earlier im really not into the whole noise and freaky stuff that would need me to get into choruses, flangers etc...

    I really think i have the best pedal of every family i need for what i do!

    Also, i cant afford to get any bigger since my main mode of transport is my feet! And i dont like to swap things around, i like to keep things simple...
  5. Well, i have been goofing around with my new board and im very happy with the compressor, it really works well used on its own and does wonders when combined with the enigma!
    It really helps tam it down and will make it a lot more usable live!
    Got some really nice tones using the enigma with some delay on the sweep, the distortion the pog and the compressor!
    Really sounds like a big fat synth!
    Im not convinced by the VT yet, i think it sounds ok, but since i already have a very tubey amp (Walkabout scout) that i usually play on the edge of brakeup i dont really need more tubeyness!
    I think im going to use it as a second EQ kind of thing, get that really scooped SVT sound, might be useful for a few songs...

    All in all, im happy!

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