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Finishing the Neck?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Floyd, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. Hi people,

    I've recently got my warmoth gecko pieces and have started putting it together.
    The neck is not finished, it is a maple neck with a birdseye maple fingerboard.
    I believe it is important to have maple finish so as to avoid warping. Thing is I really dont want any feel to the neck other than it is now, very smooth.
    What can I use to finish the neck and protect from warping that wont take away the 'feel' it has at the moment.

  2. I disagree; old fenders will have next to no finish on the necks by now and I doubt they are warping...

    my grabber sure isn't! and i know what you mean about no feel to the neck.. it feels great!! :p
  3. I've recently finished a maple neck with MinWax satin polyurethane. Did 3 very thin coats all over the neck, sand with 400 grit in between each coat. Then 2 more extra thin coats over the back of the neck only (exclude the head stock), again sand with 400 grit in between coats. I know what you mean about wanting to retain the bare wood feel, I was going for the same thing too and the multiple thin coats of satin polyurethane seems to work well because I really like the feel of the neck now.

  4. I think the polyurethane finish is the way Im going. When coating the fingerboard do you remove the varnish from teh frets afterwards or mask them up before?