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fire wire strings

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by rexspangle, Jan 15, 2002.

  1. I picked up a pack of firewire strings cause I wasn't to happy with the selection at a local music store. So I thought I would try something new. Anyone have any experience with these strings? I can't really comment yet cause they have only been on my bass for such a short time, but they sound pretty nice so far and have a better feel than my last strings.

    see ya
  2. I just finished putting on a new set of Fire Wires ... like rexspangle, I was just looking to try something new and the sales man (fellow bass player) recommended I try a set of Fire Wires. I have always used GHS boomers in the past and the few times I have tried other brands have always been disappointing. So far this time doesn't look like it's going to be any different. I had a problem with the E (.105) right off the bat. It seems to be longer then any E string I have ever used before ... so long that when tuned, the blue cloth part ends on the 2nd wrap around the post ... leaving the thickest part of the string (with no blue cloth) making the 3rd wrap. I am a little worried that this thick bend will result in more pressure pushing the sting "horizontally" rather then pushing the string straight down on the nut. As far as the sound of the strings .... well ... they sound pretty good ... but don't most strings sound good for the first week or so? :D

    I'll try to follow this up with another post in a month and let ya know how these Fire Wires held up.

    In the mean time ... if anyone has any suggestions for my next set let me know .... otherwise I may just go back to my good ol reliable GHS Boomers ... even if they do only last a few weeks!
  3. I haven't had any experience with Fire Wires but I personally like Earnie Ball Super Slinkeys (heavy gauge)for my 5-string. They feel good and last for a decent time. Sound great in my opinion.

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