First bass amp?

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  1. KyleTheNewGuy


    Nov 11, 2019
    Apologies, I feel this may have been asked countless times but bear with me.
    so I’ve got my first bass coming Monday, which I’m stoked about, for the most part with guitar I use plugins on my Mac to get sound, and with recording on bass I reckon I’ll be doing the same, I do want to LEARN the bass though, rather than just using it to fill out recordings, do to that I reckon I’ll need some sort of amp. That’s where you guys come in hopefully....
    I don’t need anything huge or fancy as it’ll be for just playing at home, a combo seems obvious to me. it’ll most likely need to be second hand since I have a bare minimal budget (sub £300) I’ve looked on eBay for used GK, fender rumble and orange crush combos, though honestly I don’t know much of anything when it comes to bass amps, so I’m hoping for suggestions, experiences etc.
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    For home practice you don’t need big watts. A 40 watt combo with a single driver will work fine. The Hartke Kickbacks sound good, as do others in that class.

    Or you could plug into your Mac and practice with headphones.
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  3. 46and2


    Nov 12, 2017
    This is what I do right now. iRig2 -> MacBook Pro -> Bose QC15 headphones (that i won in a raffle).
  4. dramatwist


    Sep 27, 2019
    ...old school here... it was a 1950s Fender Champ...
  5. klokker


    Jan 7, 2009
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    You want experiences and suggestions, so I'll give you mine for what it's worth. Since you don't know that much about amps, I'd skip the used market and get a new little combo from a store near you. You can get a Fender Rumble 25 for 100 bucks US and it would be a great practice amp. I have the big "gig set up", but I practice with a 20 watt, Peavey Max 158 with an 8" speaker and it has way more volume (and tone) than I would ever need for that. I bought a new scratched up one for 75 bucks. Maybe an Ampeg BA 108.

    Then if your getting into it and it's going somewhere, you can get something bigger to maybe gig with and you'll have more of a sense of what you want and need and the patience and knowledge to find it if you're going used.

    And you'll always have that hassel free little practice amp that you can practice with and have in the living room or whatever. FWIW.

    Obviously it's not the only way to go...........just what worked for me.
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  6. Dave814


    Aug 23, 2013
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    Ampeg Ba110 or Ba108 even.


    find a nice old Fender Bassman 50 and a 115 cabinet of some sort :).
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  7. JimChjones


    Aug 6, 2017
    SE England
    I've said this before, but my no 1 piece of advice is that this is not a marriage. You can ditch your first amp in weeks or months if you like. Second is that you don't know what your preferences will be yet. Conclusion, get something secondhand from a well known brand that you can easily sell again. Fender Rumble is a fair bet. Get it from a shop by all means if you haven't a mate who can check it out for you.
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  8. Miigwan


    Nov 15, 2019
    Thanks thinking of either a 40 or a 100 on the off chance of playing with another guitarist later.
  9. CallMeAl


    Dec 2, 2016
    Ithaca Ny
    25w for at home only. 100w if you think you’ll be jamming with people soon.

    I’ll second Jim and say it’s not forever, just pick one in your budget and rock it.

    Good list. Add Ampeg and Peavey, and happy hunting!