First Build- 32" Walnut/Blue Mahoe (Completed)

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  1. Zombbg4


    Jul 15, 2008
    Hey all, you may remember the thread I posted a while back when I was in the planning stages and gathering materials, well it's done! I intended on documenting it but it always slipped my mind...:scowl: Anyways here are the specs:

    32' Scale Fretted 4 String 24 frets
    Walnut body w/ Blue Mahoe top/back , danish oil finish
    Wenge/maple/wenge neck w/ Mac Ebony fingerboard
    Standard Jazz Bass Pickups in Wood covers, passive
    Wilkinson Tuners, no name bridge made in china
    Ebony knobs

    A LOT has changed since I set off on this build, It was supposed to be a 5'er, 33" scale, active electronics ect... It didn't turn out to be quite what I wanted and I was going to make it into a fretless 5 when my loving girlfriend decided to adopt it! She'd always wanted a bass and kept putting it off, so I was very suprised she wanted it. Through a weird chain of mistakes from the people I got the body blank and FB from I got them for free, and along with the cheaper electronics and hardware this bass was pretty inexpensive.

    NOTE:The bass is by no means perfect, and I've learned tons from all the mistakes and I'm confident for my next build. Wish i didn't have to learn the hard way but it will stick with me because of it. Anyway here it is...





    It's shown with out the knobs on and I'm yet to spray the pup cover screws black or just get some better ones that are already black. Hope you enjoy, I loved the build and can't wait to get started on the next.
  2. It looks very good and sweet for a first build!! There's only one thing: you may want to use other screws for the pickup covers, the ones you've used right now seem a little out of place. For the rest it looks very good!

    How does it sound?

    Edit: sorry, see you've mentioned it about the pup screws yourself already. I suggest regular pickup screws in black, they sell 'm at every guitar parts shop.
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    May 17, 2009
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    Very nice for your first build.
  4. Zombbg4


    Jul 15, 2008
    Totally, like I said I'm going to spray them black and if they still don't look right Ill pick some up from bestbassgear. As far as it sounds, well currently it has a mismatched set of older strings, but the punch is rediculous! Popping on the G string really kicks you in the face, yet it still has a warm sound. Couldn't ask for more and I can't wait to put a fresh set of string on it! Thanks for the kind words Robert, by the way I got the idea of using danish oil from you, I love the stuff! Perfect finish IMO.
  5. Ah that's nice :).. it's a good finish indeed, brings out the grain and figure wonderfully and it's so easy to apply, it dries fast and it's very cheap.. :D

    I've got one question: I see you've used 'standard' jazz pups with a custom cover.. I'm interested in doing this as well, since I like the looks but don't want to wind my own pickups. How did you do this? Just make a cover on top of the original one? Or did you replace the cover?
  6. Zombbg4


    Jul 15, 2008
    Its great stuff. I was standing in Lowes looking at this or Formby's tung oil, glad I went with the danish. The covers on the pups were removable so I took them off and popped the "raw" pickups in. I actually did this so the cavities would be easier to route, I covered up a few other mistakes and wasn't taking any chances on that one.
  7. May I ask what brand of pups you've used? My covers (DiMarzio) weren't removable (at least, not without doing them some damage).
  8. Zombbg4


    Jul 15, 2008
    Plain old MIM Jazz pickups. They actually sound pretty nice, too.