SOLD First Cliff Bordwell Big McNeely bass made for sale.

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by scottm, Feb 16, 2014.

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  1. Hello,

    * Dropping bass price, and pricing it to sell!!! *
    * Price - $1,800 U.S. *
    I am selling my CB Bass - Big McNeely 5 string fretless 35 inch scale bass that I am the original owner of.

    This is the bass that Cliff and I worked on designing the new shape that is now the Big McNeely model! He was nice enough to name it after my last name, and he even used it in his ads in bass player magazine which I still have a copy of. This is your chance to get the very first of this model.

    The bass was delivered in 2009, and rarely left my office!!! It is a great bass with a killer looking Maple wood top that I paid extra for. I've had this bass for a few years, and its just time for a new one to get me playing again. This bass is in mint condition, and one of the best sounding basses I have ever played!!!

    Dropping bass price, and pricing it to sell!!!
    Price - $1,800 U.S. (Paid over 4k for it from the builder).

    I will pay shipping in full with insurance - only ship conus. Will be willing to ship oconus for the right talkbasser, but they'll have to pay shipping.
    I pay a ton of extra money to have everything professionally packaged by my friends at the UPS store, usually costing at least $100+ dollars. See my feedback for more info.

    NO TRADES!!!

    The specs are as follows:

    Big Mcneely-Bass
    Deluxe base price
    Scale length: 35
    Neck shape: oval
    Thickness at 1st: .850(standard) .810(thin)
    Width at nut:
    String spacing at Bridge:
    Body thickness: 1.525(required for battery)
    Neck: Wenge with 2 Maple stringers
    Fingerboard: Stabilized, figured Maple fingerboard
    Fingerboard Radius: 0(Flat)
    Nut: Stabilized Ebony
    Full faced top: Yes
    Body woods
    Burl Maple Top
    Thin Purpleheart accent under top
    Cedar core
    Thick Wenge Layer in the middle of the body with Purple Heart stripes through body(See below picture).
    Thin Purpleheart accent
    Birdseye Maple Back
    Color: Black
    Bridge: Hipshot style
    Tuners:Hipshot Ultra
    Truss rod: two-way adjustable
    Strap locks
    Output: 1/4" Face mount
    Pickups: Quad Coil (Two dual coils wired together - Kent Armstrong) with Wenge cover.
    Preamp: Audere Z mode
    Controls: V/Blend/t/m/b and z-mode switch
    Control Knobs: Wenge Knurled sides.
    Chambered body







    There is usually about a year wait to have a build start with Cliff Boardwell, so save some money and time and enjoy this amazing instrument!

    Feel free to message me with any questions. I only deal with payments through Paypal. This bass will sell quick because it is the first Big McNeely, so hurry and message me now.

  2. Tslicebass

    Tslicebass Supporting Member

    Jun 12, 2007
    Wowzers :eek:
  3. EduardoK


    Jun 28, 2004
    Beautiful! Still kick myself for not buying from you that tulipwood top CB.
  4. Thanks for the comments!
    Both replies have been answered.

  5. Meant both messages :)

  6. Neuroman

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    Oct 17, 2013
    Sunol, CA
    Stunning! How would you describe the tone?

  7. Thanks!
    It has a really good growl to it, but because of the preamp it has a really broad range. I've enjoyed playing anything from Jazz, Latin, R&B, to Heavy rock!
    I've been talking to Cliff the last two days about my two future builds and getting more excited, someone send me a good offer and this can be yours :)
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  9. Bump for price change! Hope everyone has a good day.

  10. Thursday Bump.
    Messages have bed replied too, sorry I went to bed early last night.
    The bass is still up for sale, make me a good offer and it can be yours.

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    I've meet a few nice talkbassers that messaged me last night about the bass, but no solid offer yet.
    Bass is still up for sale, thanks for all the kind messages!

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  14. ***********************************
    * Dropping bass price, and pricing it to sell!!! *
    * Price - $1,800 U.S. *

    I got a new house that is almost done being built, and I need money to stock my new office with new Bass toys! Send me an offer. :bassist:

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    Don't miss out, make me an offer before I take the ad down next week and keep the bass.

    All messages have been replied to, have a nice day everyone.

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    Answered all questions that were messaged to me yesterday, hope that helps.

    Bass is still up for sale.
  18. ImageUploadedByTalkBass1393516795.986074.

    Figured I'd add a little bass porn to the thread. The only bass for sale is the 5string fretless at the top.

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