First Flats And ???

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  1. Hoping to get some input here, have been reading quite a bit.

    Bass is a Carvin SB5000 (bolt on neck Jazz). I want to try out flats on this bass, I'm not a fan of roundwound strings. My other basses have either tapes or grounds on them.

    Particular question....

    The SB came with Labellas in 40-60-80-100-128.

    Because I did not want to file the nut, I decided to stay in a similar gauge, so I ordered D'Addario Chromes in 45-65-80-100-132 (listed as "light").

    Now, never having used flats before, and reading what I've been reading, should I be concerned about the excess tension that the flats will create? Or should I be okay with just tweaking the truss rod if needed?

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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    You should be fine tweaking the truss rod. Even if you get the exact same gauges you are going to need to adjust the neck and intonation (basic setup).

    Carvin is a quality instrument so you shouldn't have any issues with this.
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    Who said there will be "excess" tension? There may be a difference in gauges, but you are making assumptions with no basis. Play it and see.
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    I just recently put my first set of flats on a 4 string bass. They are also chromes, in the light gauge. The former strings were nickel round 45-105. I didn't have to do anything at all, except for a very slight tweek of the truss rod and minor adjustment of the intonation on the G and D strings.
  5. You should only need to adjust your truss rod one quarter turn to compensate for the added tension. Then you'll be golden. Enjoy, Chromes rule.
  6. Thanks! I've just read some horror stories of people going with flats and having trouble with the tension being too much for the neck. Didn't want to be one of those stories.

    I can do my own set up, did it on all my others. I can do the truss rod and intonation and action, so as far as setting it up I'm not too worried. Just wanted to get some opinions from others who know more than I do. I thought it would be okay because Carvin offers flats as an option when you order this bass, and the Carvin flats are a similar gauge.

    Thanks for the input!!!!