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First international performance

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Slappingpopping, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. Hi im 14 and my stage band has been invited to perform in china from 22nd of september to 1st of october. Which will be on tv

    I will not have a back up bass, and no hard case.

    I am Currently using DR hi beams which dont seem to fit very well in the band so im thinking of changing to D'addrio chromes, My question is what do i need? Good quality lead? a nice and comfortable strap + strap locks? possibly a hardcase. Any suggestions to leads? thank you
  2. MIJ-VI

    MIJ-VI Inactive Supporting Member

    Jan 12, 2009
    Your school is organizing this? Who is going to chaperone your entourage?

    Please be sure the members of your group has travel insurance. Accidents can happen, and being a foreign nationals in China you likely won't be eligible for state funded health care.

    Your bass needs a hard shell case and two good quality guitar cables plus a spare set of strings (in case you break one).

    Which cities will you be performing in? How are you going to travel around?

    Will anyone in charge be able to speak the local language(s)?

    Have you researched the local customs & language of the places you'll be going to?
  3. hardcase, expensive leads and new set of strings. guess i wont have any money this year.... again.
  4. MIJ-VI

    MIJ-VI Inactive Supporting Member

    Jan 12, 2009
    The leads don't have to be expensive, just pro quality.., an investment which will serve you well for years.

    Is your school organizing the China tour?

    Details are helpful to those here who may have some insight to offer on touring China...
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