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First Jam Session!!!!!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Pantsman, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Just last night i had my first ever jam with a guitarist (he has been playing for 14years). Only been playing bass for just a year now, but it sounded great, i was very happy. The day started with me not having an amp, nor my PC (which keeps all my tabs) so i was thinking the night was gunna suck. But then with an hour to go everything fell into place and i ended up with my PC and amp!!! then my mate showed up, we ****ed around for a bit setting up, launched into Of Wolf and Man by Metallica and he broke a freakin' string!!!!!!! and with none spare we just had to do with 5. So after a quick retune, or detune should i say we got back into it. The night was all Metallica really, Nothing Else Matters, Of the God That Failed, Lepper Messiah ( VERY hard for me to play, i ****ed it up about 10times :D ), Fade to Black and a few others. Later that night we even got an audience member when the pizza dude came in to listen. the sounds was very good to considering what gear we have, he was playing a 10 year old Ibanez electric through a 40watt (i think) fender amp of about the same age, i have a Yamaha RBX260 ( i think :p ) through a Digitech BP-50 ( alot of people say these are crap, but i love it makes my cheap bass sound heaps better, i rarely use the effects, just as an EQ and i use a little amp modeling too) into a 30watt Magnum bass amp combo.

    So after all that, all i wanted to say is that I LOVE BASS, love everything about it, playing it, listening to it, learning about it, EVERYTHING, and i am now even more hooked on it than i was before last night ... now where are my bell bottoms, dawn of the dead t-shirt and rickenbacker 4001 ??? look out Cliff :p
  2. Excellent! I found there are few things that inspire me more than playing with other people - especially when they are much better/more experienced than you!
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