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First Night Out In the big Bad City

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by NOAH_FX, May 27, 2011.

  1. NOAH_FX


    Aug 12, 2010
    Ottawa, Canada

    Hey Guys, as some of you may have guessed i'm still an amateur, having not played live yet, the band im with is an original band and we've been looking for a singer.

    We've been attempting to try out a few different people but have been hitting some hurdle's with the whole "singer" problem (wont go into that). Today is my birthday (happy birthday to me) and so last week my drummer asked what I wanted to do for me birthday, i replied, lets hit an open Mic night. So last night was my first time on a stage and a open mic, it when pretty awesome. Even the bar staff were musician's, and while the stage wasn't huge, it was big enough. Their was no drummer so mine sat in for 2 bands before we played (He did excellent, but was tired after)they played a mix of classic rock/ some alternative, and were all pretty good musicians.

    I was the first bass player, so i couldn't find a Input, the sound guy brought over a DI, had no sound at first, but then he asked me to try again and a dark rubble from hell erupted... I turned down a bit and turned off my distortion pedal :p, it seemed fine so we went (was kind drunk) into Stinkfist.. The band wanted just the one tool song, cause we do it we'll. The guys seemed to really like it, but once we started, i couldnt hear bass at all through the monitors, but just felt it out.

    Their was a singer from before who came up and did three songs with us after (Machinehead, I wanna be sedated, and Self Esteem) They went pretty we'll too, the singer forgot the end of self esteem, but no one cared, we laughed, and did the chorus a couple extra times.

    Later outside having a smoke, a couple guys who play their on weekends told me we were really tight as a band, complementing us on playing Stinkfist without vocals.

    We also got the singers number, seemed like a chill dude and said he's going to come out for a jam (Hes also a guitarist, +1)

    Our name for the night was To High to Play (THTP)
    Seemed alot cooler at the time :)

    Cheers Boys,


    Played an Open Mic night and drank beers on a Thursday Woot!
  2. Nice dude, Happy Birthday BTW!

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