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First paying Gig

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by Mike88T, May 8, 2004.

  1. Last night was my first gig with my band Two Men Abroad, well the first gig where we ended up with cash in our pocket. The first Gig was at my guitar players wedding last month; he wanted us to play out so how could we say no. The second gig was last Friday at his local Moose Lodge, just for fun and to get some experience in front of people. Well much to my surprise they asked us to come back last night and play again. Since we have only been together for about 6 months and I am a total amateur, when the wedding guests told us we were good I just assumed they were being polite, I mean you can’t tell the groom that his band sucks on his wedding day right. But last Friday we got applause all night and it was enthusiastic not just polite so it made me think that we might actually be good or at least not bad. It went ok but nerves caused us to drink a bit too much and the end of the second set sort of deteriorated a bit, luckily it was after midnight by then and few people witnessed this haha.
    Last Friday like I said THEY ASKED US to come back and play again so we said OK and had three practices this week to get ready. We felt good and didn’t drink more then a couple of beers to avoid meltdown, kind of sucks sitting at a bar but it made a world of difference. The number of people that showed up was double the previous week, the bartender said it was the biggest crowd in a few months and more then one person told me they came to hear us rather then just play Bingo (oh yeah did I mention Friday is Bingo night at the lodge, insert laugh track here) ok NOW I’m nervous. So we set up at 6:30 or so and play a couple of tune-up songs for the handful of people who get there early, mostly the drummer and guitarists girlfriend and wife plus some regulars, we sound good and the equipment is set up now just time to wait for the first break in the Bingo (ok you can stop laughing now) should be around 8:30 or so.
    Then this bingo brawl breaks out…ok no it didn’t but that would have been hilarious, they are pretty serious about Bingo there. The first games dragged out a bit and we didn’t get to start till near 9-9:30 which means we would have to cut our first set down a bit so they could get the last set of games in by a reasonable hour. WE ROCKED! Ok so I blew a couple of notes in the first song, hate to do that since it is one of our few originals and I really like to nail those, but the rest of the set went great. Then the Magic happened. We were in the middle of our fourth song, Need Your Love So Bad a great blues tune, when a couple of the officers at the lodge stood up with and started to get the crowd into a sway and when I looked up they were waving dollars in their hands! Good thing this was a song I knew well or I would have lost it, we had talked about putting out a tip bucket but the general feeling in the band was that we weren’t going to be tacky like that, since we still consider ourselves amateurs playing for fun. Well now the officers are on the PA talking up the band and asking for people to show their appreciation for our efforts and passing a bucket around, now I look and there are a couple of dozen people with dollars swaying to the song OH MAN…A A A A D D B B keep concentrating. OK so we only made 50$ but hey that’s half a month rental at our practice digs and it’s the first time I have gotten anything but fun or a cramp from playing my bass and it felt damn good.
    Now get this, while we waited for the second break to play again the Governor of the lodge asked us if we wanted to come back in a couple of weeks and play the sit down dinner FOR MONEY possibly as much as 200$, still no great shakes but just to have somebody willing to pay to hear us is way cool, and it gets better. Two of the Members of the lodge told us they could get us gigs at similar functions at other places if we were willing. The hits just keep on coming.
    Ok I will end this now, as it has gotten pretty long but suffice to say I AM STOKED!

    PS: please see my post about bartering for lessons in General Instruction, now I am really going to need them!

  2. Congrats, sounds like you are having a blast and so is the crowd. Keep up the good work. :)
  3. nice story, gotta love to gig :)
  4. ambolina

    ambolina Guest

    Apr 7, 2004
    San Diego, Ca
    Heh - we're playing a Moose Lodge in July =) Did yours have an actual moose head (our does). I don't think we'll get any dollars thrown our way though, but that's okay.

    And can I just say OMG - you guys only pay $100 for rehearsal space?!? It's $360 out here!

    Congrats on moving the crowd and pulling in some rent money at the same time!
  5. Yeah Moose head and all, got two more gigs coming up in the next two months there, this time not bingo night.

    We pay 100$ a month for three three hour practice nights a week. I agree it's cheap but it also happens to be in a friends warehouse so I get a discount. We used to pay 17.50 an hour at a real rehersal place that provided amps, drums and mics but that gets expensive after a while.
  6. fastplant


    Sep 26, 2002
    Sounds like someone's got the bug now
  7. PasdaBeer


    Nov 2, 2002
    Santa Rosa California
    SandStorm Designs
    hehehe just watch out for the bars that "pay" with 2 free pitchers before your set....
  8. Yeah the new rule is only one drink per person per set.

    and I just learned last week that the dinner is four hours long and we have too add two sets worth of songs in the next month.