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First prototype batch BASSES.

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by bread903, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. I started making basses from this summer.

    First I made a 38" scale fretless, which turned out to be alright,

    so I started 4 basses and 1 guitar from september.

    The design motto is "Classic looks you can SEE".

    Of course I'm trying to build up my skills to take care of the detail.

    Anaita bass_resize.JPG

    Model name: Anaita
    Topwood: Flame maple
    Neck: Birdseye maple
    Fingerboard: Quilted maple
    Nut: Flame maple
    Headmachine: Gotoh
    Bridge: Fodera
    Pickup: EMG-HZ
    Electronics: None. Only output jack.

    Classic bass_resize.JPG

    Model name: Classic
    Body: Mohogany
    Neck: Maple
    Headmachine: Gotoh
    Pickup: EMG-HZ
    Eletronics: None. Only output jack.

    They're all finished with Tung oil.

    As some of you can see, there is some design motives

    I got from Carl Thompson basses.

    I love his design and the Classic model shows my love for

    CT bass, but I'm proud of Anaita model for its original looks.

    Thinking to take orders from 2015 and since I live in South Korea,

    so most of you guys might not have a chance to see them,

    but Talkbass forums always has been my information source,

    so I wanted to show you the result of you all TB'ers input to the world.

    God bless YOU~~~ AND I~~
  2. Hi Bread;
    From the pics the basses look well put together (it would be nice to see more detailed pics too). Well done there.

    What I'm sort of wondering is if you've really made it beyond Carl's designs. That is to say, are they different enough than Carl's not just to be a sort of tweaked copy. Personally, if it were me I'd want to spend a more time on the drawing board working that out.

    For example... this was the first bass I designed and built.
    I was seeking to follow the 'ergonomic' line of things, but really in the end, aesthetically it didn't gel. Now sure, it still plays great and some people like it, but it's a long way from a production model.

    More recently I redefined the non-reverse thunderbird.
    Again, they work as a bass and I've even sold one, but really the headstock needs tweeking as does the neck joint.

    The best thing I've done so far is this design.
    This worked so well, I'm using it to build a 6 string bass now but my mentor has issues with one of the curves.

    I guess what I'm saying is, what can look cool to our eyes can not work for others and often needs lots of work and needs two or three evolutions to get to a great production model.

    I think you got a good start, but I'd say that's evolution 1. Hope that's helpful. :)