First REAL bass help needed.

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  1. Hi, folks. Help needed to decide. After being 1.5 years a bass student, my boyfriend is willing to buy me next bass. I need to help decision between two basses. Ideally, Ideally I wanted Warwick Corvette SS. Loved the sound and feel. But, sadly, we can't afford it...
    So, we went with the two here. Both mahogany. Both humbucker (non brand name pickups.) Both have ACTIVE pre-amp

    1. Schecter Omen Extreme.
    2. ESP LTD F4

    The main difference is F4 has ebony top, heavy bridge and NEck through/string through design. 35" scale
    Omen Extreme has neck pickup positioned a bit closer to the neck and is a bolt on (but also 100 bucks less). Any suggestions?
    I did NOT have a chance to try F4 as no stores around me (Kansas) have it in stock. I been at 2 guitar centers and few smaller stores. no F4.

    I mostly play (or try to, anyways), metal. Power metal and heavy metal (no death metal). So what do you think will be a better purchase?

    Does the fact that Omen has Neck pickup CLOSER to the neck makes any difference in tone?

    Thank you.
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  2. I have an ESP LTD C305, I know it's not one you have listed, but it's build, sound, and playability were top notch, more like some of the higher end basses I've played. I just can't say enough good about it. If the F4 is anywhere close to that, it would get my attention.

    Good luck with your pursuit, basses are very personal, and only you will know when it's the right one. I can suggest one, but ultimately it's what works for you.

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