First Recording--go Dean!

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  1. I did my first real recording last night--and it sounded great! I just went direct into my friend's Fostex digital mixer, which fed his computer (running Cakewalk 9) via S/PDIF, using the bridge pickup on my Dean 5-string (alder body, EMG-HZ pickups, EMG preamp). It sounded rich and supple, even though the bridge PU has a bad solder joint and as a result is a single-coil. My friend found the noise floor to be -52 dB, which is pretty damn good for a single-coil. A little bit of multiband limiting made the already HUGE sound even bigger, since he could boost the bass considerably as a result.

    I'll have an MP3 posted by Wednesday. I've re-thought my part a bit (I also made a couple errors since I could barely hear myself) and my friend needs to do the final mix, but it should sound really good. Woo!
  2. I think this should be in Miscellaneous. hehe but good stuff man!
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    The Dean does not have a EMG Preamp.
    The fact that the pickup had a bad solder joint does not make it a single coil, since the other coil would act as a hum-cancelling dummy coil.