First recording trial with MOTU M4 (and camera)- Thoughts?

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  1. Just this morning, my significant other asked me to record a short Beatles "Happy Birthday" intro that she could use to help celebrate her friend's birthday (tomorrow) as it's going to be on Zoom or Facetime or something. So I went a little nuts as I've been asked to do an audio/video recording for he worship group I play guitar and bass with and as of 4 days ago was at ground zero.

    The process was that I recorded all the tracks in Reaper, experimenting with some of the Cockos FX provisions...
    First the guitar direct into MOTU M4, then the bass, then the two percussion tracks and one more guitar track, over-upgraded Chinese Les Paul, bridge pickup, recording from my amp with a SM58 (and used both guitar channels. Percussion was a coffee can with nuts and bolts, plus beating on top of acoustic for lower percussion sound. I then exported the thing to MP3. However the beginning of the recording has some his from the distortion and I couldn't figure out how to silence that portion in Reaper, so I brought it into Audacity where I knew how to select and silence the selection.
    FYI- Bass was the Yamaha TRBX605, passive mode, mostly front pickup, tone approx 25%. [I think I wore a gloves on both hands for this.] No post EQ or compression or other FX on this track.

    The video section involved a little trickery. I recorded the video with my Canon 5D Mk III with the audio coming direct into the camera from the headphones out of my MOTU M4. I think the camera did a great job of reproducing the audio coming out of the PC, pre-recorded in Reaper, back through the MOTU, which is what you're hearing, which is the CAMERA recording the audio while capturing video simultaneously. Consqeuently the video is an instrumental version of lip syncing. I'm playing, but not actually plugged into anything [the "tell" being the guitar in the video is switched to the neck pickup... but don't tell anyone.] :bassist: :woot: :cool:. I'm just too green at recording either audio or video to try to make it 100% real. But that is me actually playing on all the tracks and my rudimentary (and largely unskilled) post processing manipulation.

    Comments anyone (other than I should have shaved and worn a hat :roflmao:)?
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    Great job! Looks like you're having fun too.
  3. Thanks. So happy with the MOTU M4. Now to work on a slightly larger project. The video still largely confounds me. So many new terms and nuances and menus and options and timelines and tracks, YIKES!