First Rehearsal with New Strings and New Bass

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  1. I recently purchased a used Fender P bass 5 string from the TB classifieds, loving it. It came with the Nordstrand pickup, favorite brand of pickups, and I always wanted to put TI flats on a bass, so I did. The strings are everything people say they are. Felt so good out of the box, and stay in tune, not really any break in period. I generally like nickel round strings, but have always used stainless flats. I will be enjoying these for years to come. So I have gig coming up this week, jazz gig playing older standards. The band consists of 4 or 5 trumpets, 3 or 4 trombones, and a generous sax / reed section of 6 or so, drums, piano, and bass. I am using my genzler bass array 15-3 and the Magellan 350 head. We had a rehearsal last night, and I was in love with how this bass and rig performed in a live setting. Super deep lows, and very articulate throughout the range. I'll post some pics and an update on how the gig goes later in the week.
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    Welcome to the TI club!
    Besides loving the feel and tone, also get used to the fact that it will likely be years before you have a need to change your strings (if at all.)
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    I have been using a TI set for well over a decade, on multiple basses that have the 4+1 headstock config. I did eventually have to change the B string, and that alone cost more than other complete string sets I buy. Well worth it, though.
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  4. Not a bad change to get used to.
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  5. If there is one thing I would change, I would like a tapered B string. Just a preference I have but not a big deal.
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  6. Hi,

    Nice! I've got flats on my JBS and love the way they sound.

    Are you going to carry your rig in that Corvette? ;)

    Thank you for your indulgence,

  7. Of course. Even fits my tuba. Perfect car!
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    I feel like a virgin here .. Am I now the only one without a 5 string. ;)
  9. The gig went well. The venue is only 15 minutes from home, at a local high school. Has a decent crowd with fun tunes to play. We had two vocalists tonight as well. Plenty of instrumental solos too. Just a little over an hour set. Hope to have more gigs with this group in the future.
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  10. Blue Skies is one of my favorites.

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