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First report on Sadowsky 24 fret # 3691 and a little more

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Larry Kaye, Sep 12, 2002.

  1. Larry Kaye

    Larry Kaye Retailer: Schroeder Cabinets

    Mar 23, 2000
    Cleveland, OH
    Maybe it's just me, but just as was the case with the F Bass BN5 I just bought 5 weeks ago already, the "preowned" Sadowsky 24 fret just sounds and plays amazing!! The oldest piece of equipment I own is a Yorkville Block 80 combo with a 15" speaker and a vent hole in the back of the cabinet. Tone has not been it's forte, but for a small piano bar gig I used to do, it held it's own. I have played 10 different basses through this amp over the 13 or so years I've owned it. To date, until I got the F Bass, and now the Sadowsky, this amp has NEVER sounded anything more than mushy or adequate. Now it sounds fantastic. I really liked the way the Sadowsky feels. I've had 35 inch scale basses now for the past 5 years. It's slightly smaller fret spacing along with its slightly wider neck just felt really nice. It seems a little more "polite" than the F Bass which can have some major league growl, especially in single coil mode. I feel that both are very easy to play, the F Bass is set up a little "faster" / strings slightly closer to frets than the Sadowsky, but the fret finishing is unbelievable on the Sadowsky. The F bass does have a little more to work with tone wise between the single coil and humbucker option and the passive tone on / off type of control along with a three way on board EQ, but I liked the basic sound of the Sadowsky slightly better. They are both a half a step above the Lakland, which may be better off with SD pickups or some other aftermarket ones, or maybe just another preamp? who knows, but the lakland never sounded as good on any setting as either of these two basses do. I've fiddled with the tone controls on the amp and the lakland many times to get it to the point of being what I feel is decent, took the exact same settings, plugged in both the F bass and the Sadowsky, and voila, they just buried the Lakland with literally no adjustment except a little tweaking on the bass.

    The RED Baron Sadowsky looks feels sounds and plays exceptionally. The Blueish/greenish F bass looks feels sounds and plays exceptionally. The Sadowsky is at least 1 to 1.50 pounds lighter, if definitely more comfortable to me ergonomically and came equipt with Dunlop straplocks which I'll get onto the F Bass over the next week or so.

    The plan, take both basses to the next three gigs over the next two weekends, try them both at all gigs which are all 4 set nights, and enjoy myself to no end knowing that I sound about as good as I can and don't "look" bad doing it.

    That's all for now. I'll update the review on Monday evening or Tuesday.

  2. Congrats!!!

    Enjoy it, you'll be amazed at how it sounds on a gig!
    So easy to use, cuts through everything if you want it to, lays low, if you want it to... it does it all!! I am sold!

    I am sure you'll be too!
  3. my wife hates that i read this message board - reading posts about people's new sadowsky's drives me insane with GAS!!! now where's that checkbook... :p
  4. KPO2000

    KPO2000 Supporting Member

    Sep 5, 2001
    Glad to hear that the Sadowsky is living up to all the "hype". I'm not surprised, but everybody's got their different point of view. Sounds like the F is special to you too. Unless you need to sell one, don't get wrapped up with which one sounds better. Enjoy both for as long as you can.
  5. Larry Kaye

    Larry Kaye Retailer: Schroeder Cabinets

    Mar 23, 2000
    Cleveland, OH
    It's tough. I've been a Lakland fan for 5 years now. I've had a little difficulty justifying all this spending on stuff the last 3 months. I'd like to be left to feel guilty and then, as the playing becomes more enjoyable and fun, the guilt goes away!!

    Saturday night will be the first time out for the Sadowsky through my gig rig and the second time for the F bass. I've played this Country club a couple of times and know what to expect. I've even started searching for a double gig bag so I can take two basses more easily to gigs.

    Again thanks for the advice. I fully intend to enjoy the moment!!

  6. Larry:

    Congrats on the Sadowsky!! If I can ever find a good price on a used one I'd snap it up, but we don't see them up north here very much. And with the $CAD vs $US still slipping they are still too expensive to buy down there and bring home!

    I revel in the thought of a double gig bag with a Sadowsky in one side and an F Bass in the other -magic! That's why we work so hard in those daytime gigs!!

    PS - time to update your profile.....
  7. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker Banned

    Jun 10, 2001
    Larry, that's great to hear how the Sadowsky turned out. It looks incredible. Of course I've always liked red basses. I think with your F which I know is a superb instrument that I wish I would have never sent you:D and that Sadowsky you should no more wants. I would definitely keep thewm both.
  8. pmkelly

    pmkelly Supporting Member

    Nov 28, 2000
    Kansas City, MO
    the more and more I hear about that particular Sadowsky, the more and more disappointed I am for not making a move on it when I had the chance... Like I said, if you get sick of it, let me know! But for now you can send me that Lakland since it isn't cutting it for you... I will be glad to take it of your hands!


  9. Your reaction to the Sadowsky is very similar to mine. I really didn't expect to like the feel and tone as much as I do. For me, it was down to a decision between the F-Bass and Sadowsky. Both excellent basses, IMHO. I like the tonal options the F-Bass presented, but I find I really don't need to adjust much with the Sadowsky. Set it and forget it. Mine has single coils, so the sound was similar to the F. I also found the Sadowsky remarkably comfortable for me to play. That was probably the deciding factor.

    I also remember when I received my first Sadowsky. I have been fortunate enough to have had several basses custom made for me over the years and always enjoyed the first look out of the box. I was stunned when I first opened the Sadowsky case. The bass was simply flawless.

    I use a Reunion Blues double gig bag. Makes life a little easier.

    I am really interested to hear your point of view after playing both over the weekend. I was looking at an F-Bass when I sold my DP Custom a couple of months ago. Came real close to buying it, but got the hollowbody Modulus instead. So, I'll be waiting for a detailed review!

  10. Another congrats!

    The only bass I have is a Sadowsky jazz 4 standard (I have a spalt on alder PJ4 on order). So the only bass I ever really hear is my Sadowsky. After playing it for a long time, the real kicker is to go to a music store and play other basses. Then I really appreciate to an even greater degree how wonderful the Sadowsky sounds, plays, feels, balances, and records.
  11. Nino Valenti

    Nino Valenti Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 2, 2001
    Staten Island NYC
    Builder: Valenti Basses

    But you could of built a Warmoth for MUCCCCHHHHHH cheaper & gotten the same thing except for the name on the headstock. :D :p ;)
  12. pd_5string

    pd_5string Admin: Accnt Disabled

    Jan 23, 2002
    Nah. He could have gotten a Zon. True eternal bliss would have been achieved. He is close now, but not *quite* there yet ;) :D
  13. Nino Valenti

    Nino Valenti Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 2, 2001
    Staten Island NYC
    Builder: Valenti Basses
    ORRRR he could of gotten a MIM jazz body, a Moses neck & put a Zon to shame!!!! :D :D :D
  14. Larry Kaye

    Larry Kaye Retailer: Schroeder Cabinets

    Mar 23, 2000
    Cleveland, OH
    Nino: Does Roger know you broke out of your cage? You work there don't you? That's got to be a trip. Did you convince Petie 5 f that Sadowsky's weren't for him and that he should build a Warlock with the same specs of a Sadowsky instead just to prove it can be built cheaper?

    Jeff, I would like nothing more than having a bass speak so fluently that it dictates to the room how it's going to sound. I still have my hangups on adjustability but won't be so close minded to believe that there isn't something out there that just doesn't need to be drastically adjusted and just doesn't need a midrange boost/cut/frequency control on board.

    I was completely surprised as to how much punch the Sadowsky had, even with a floppy crappy well used speaker like my Block 8o has. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to play around with the bass and my gig rig until right before we play. I really didn't have to do much adjusting on the F bass to get a really nice tone a couple of weeks ago, and my feeling is that the Sadowsky will need absolutely nothing that can't be found right on board either. I'm also only going to use the EA speakers this weekend. Next week's gig I'll add the Ag GS112 to the ea's for a little more fullness with a little less volume.

    Who carries the double gig bag you mentioned? I'll look 'em up on the net and see if there's a dealer listing in the meantime.

  15. I bought mine locally - they ordered it from the manufacturer. I didn't get the leather version - it was over $500! Mine was around $200 and very durable.

    Does Gard carry them (or something similar) at Bass Central?

  16. Sadowsky sells double gig bags.

    BTW, a neat trick is that it has the Sadowsky logo on them. You can put any bass, even one manufactured from Warmoth parts, in the bag, wait 24 hours, and presto: it has the Sadowsky mojo!
  17. Nino Valenti

    Nino Valenti Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 2, 2001
    Staten Island NYC
    Builder: Valenti Basses
  18. Gard


    Mar 31, 2000
    Greensboro, NC, USA
    Now I know you're just tweekin' pd ;)...I have palyed that combination, and own a Zon - no comparison! :p
  19. pd_5string

    pd_5string Admin: Accnt Disabled

    Jan 23, 2002
    Yeah, I mean plastic is plastic right? Just like Wenge is wood, Maple is wood, heck, they sound the same. B/c that is as far as my mind will let me comprehend.


    But that doesn't matter, b/c that is HIS opinion. Graphite necks to me all sound sterile and cold.

    But don't be angry, I am but a sheep in the herd, and I am entitled to my opinion. I just follow the other sheep. They don't question, so neither should I. Moses necks sound like Zons, and Zons sound like Modulus's and Modulus's sound like Steinbergers, and Steinbergers sound like Status's. They are just all the same to me. Afterall, they are all painted black right? So, they sound the same to me. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  20. It's the color that makes them sound the same. If the used other colors the basses would sound different. I'm positive of that.;)