First rock gig in fifteen years

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  1. zacsmith

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    Jul 20, 2001
    Atlanta, GA
    Although I've been playing of and on since I was 18 (46 now, where did the years go?), I haven't played in a rock band for a looooong time. You know the, family, too damned tired to get past 9 pm on a Friday night without conking out.

    Finally quit the job that caused to much stress and allowed no time for family and hobbies. I told everyone I was going to grow a ponytail and become a "rock-n-roll" bassist.

    So I did.

    Well, I'm still working on the ponytail. But I got together with a group of aging -- and not so aging -- rock musicians and we put together two sets of classic and new rock that everyone liked to play. Practiced my a** off and got some of my chops back.

    First gig was last night -- a birthday/block party in a nearby neighborhood.

    Had a great night! Not too many mistakes that anyone noticed. The drummer kept pretty good time until the beer took hold late in the second set, the vocalist sang on key, and the guitars wailed -- mostly on tune. I insisted on a good, long, intense sound check waaaay before anyone showed up, so we sounded good, too!

    Everyone said we rocked. I figure when the police come by twice, then stay to boogie, and people from five streets come over, it's a good night!

    Got the bug back, now. So I think I'll go learn another set and get out for another gig before 15 years go by.

    Been following this board, so just thought I'd drop a couple of pennies in.

  2. eli

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    Dec 12, 1999
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    Well, welcome back! Feels damn good, don't it?

    Guess it's true what Seeger said: "Well you can come back, baby, 'cause Rock'n'Roll never forgets!"

    I say we stick THAT one into that third set... ;)
  3. zacsmith

    zacsmith Guest

    Jul 20, 2001
    Atlanta, GA
    Eli, it felt DAMNED good to be back. Especially after we got through the first number, and in the pause after, could hear wild applause and cheering. (I think we surprised the crowd -- they were expecting dreck).

    Later on, I could hear them singing along with the oldies. No dancing, but by then they were too drunk.