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  1. I went to the San Francisco GC on Van Ness Ave the other day. It's 4-times larger than the biggest music store where I live. The sales staff very friendly and helpful and, my overall experience was very pleasant. I got to play one of the new 2008 Fender American Standard P-bass V's through an Ampeg SVT-VR head and Ampeg 8x10 cab for about 30 minutes. I loved the sound of the P-bass through that rig. Also the P-bass was in great shape (except for being out of tune) for an instrument that handled so often (it sits on a stand next to the amps for anyone to play).

    My sister-in-law had a great time as well. She got to buy several set of guitar strings for her guitars.
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    What color was that P-bass?
  3. I went to GC recently as well. First I stopped next store at Sam Ash and they had a Lakland 55-01. It lived up to the hype, I must say.

    GC was pretty boring though, its just a crap load of Fenders. Nothing really interesting.
  4. 3-tone sunburst.
  5. This GC had a number of different brand basses (Music Man, Warwick, Gibson, and several others). I plan on trying out a Warwick double buck corvette and an SG Reissue later today. I also might test drive some of the Markbass rigs that they have.
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    3TS? Ahem... I think you mean the only color for a real P.

    It had better have had a tort guard!

    *shakes angry old man fist*
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  7. the Pbass V is back. :eek:

    wipes drool off face.

    checks pockets...


    anyone care to donate to a good cause?
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  9. i swear ill use it at least once to play church music. :D

    then repeatedly to play funk:bassist:
  10. I still like this one best! :D
  11. Just an opinion:
    GC just pisses me off, alot of "customers" are just d-bags who want to make noise. Today I went to buy my amp, and GC was having an all day sale until midnight... alot of punk kids cranking the amps up to 11 and "shredding".. I think I witnessed one kid trying to play a Gibson Flying V through an acoustic amp...
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    Wait, so there weren't a million kids playing as loud as possible? Take me to your leader...
  13. The staff at my local GC is friendly enough. It's the throngs of wannabe shredders playing "scales" and "modes" sloppy, fast, loud and did I mention sloppy? Oh and really, really loud.
  14. It has too many strings.

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    I agree with the above sentiments about the shredders. It wasn't the staff at the local one who made it bad. It's kind of funny, all the people at the solid body guitars were trying to show off, all the people at the semi-hollow electrics would point and talk about them but seemed scared to play, all the people in the acoustic room muted every note immediately after striking it so no one would hear them, and everyone in the (tiny) bass room was playing slap (except for myself).

    I think the solid body guitars need a separate room so we can keep all the wankers away from the people who don't just want to show off.
  16. Agreed, I actually am not a fan of Guitar Center. On one hand I like their 30 day return policy and they do have a real huge selection. I just feel a bit overwhelmed when I walk in. Also, with me not being real good, I get a little intimidated (sue me, I'm shy :smug: ) with all the cheesy shredding that goes on. I mean seriously "Crazy Train" is the new "Stairway to Heaven" :bassist:

    I'm over in Bethlehem (in the Lehigh Valley) and a frequent a shop called Guitar Villa. It's where I got all 6 of my basses, 1 strat and 4 amps from. I like the warmth and intimacy of the place. The owner is usually there and is a real great hands on guy. Any problems I've had with my instruments were quickly handled, Sometimes by him personally. Now he doesn't offer a convenient return policy, but he did explain why. If I buy a new bass, then take it home, then bring it back, it's considered used. So when the next person come in to buy my returned item, he is paying full price for a used item. Well, for me that makes a lot of sense. What if I were that fellow buying that new/used bass? So he will accept it back as a trade in, normally for a much higher value than say GC would (less than half the value paid ouch!)

    Anyway that's pretty moot, I've been very happy with the shop, it's staff and my equipment. The owner usually cuts me a better deal (as he would with recurring patrons) and I'm a happy returning customer. Basically, it's been my home, away from home :D .
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    Guitar Villa is the kind of place you want to shop. Guitar Center is terrible. Not worth saving a few bucks....
  18. I have a local shop I call home as well. Unfortunately, he doesn't have much selection and even he tells me just to go to GC for some stuff - DR Phat Beams for one... I buy as much as I can there, but the DRs I get at GC, and when I get my MB cab, I won't have any choice, BUT GC.
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    Guitar Center is a nice opportunity for players to access a variety of musical equipment at reasonable prices.

    That concept is going to attract a lot of younger players, who may not have the restraint of others, but I like the concept.

    I do considerably less of my shopping there now, compared to a few years ago, but chalk that mostly up to the internet rather than diminishing quality.
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    Wrong forum.